You can now register for online activities at Anoka High School online. Just go to the district website , click the lock and key on the right end of the toolbar, and login. The same place you deposit lunch money into your, or your student's, account can be used to register and pay fees for extracurricular activities including speech. 

You must pay your activity fee in the office before you can select a script to practice. Coaches will not hand out scripts to new speakers until they are informed of the situation or the fee has been paid.
Once you have paid your registration or talked to a coach, you may begin the process of selecting a category. When you have picked a category it's time to start looking for, or writing, a piece. 

Places to Find Pieces

You have a few different options when it comes to where you can go to find a piece.

  • The first option, and often the best is to talk to your coach.  They will have ideas and options for you. They will also be your go-to if you need login information for any other speech resources that we provide to you.
  • Secondly, you can work through our vault through the Google Drive account.
  • Finally, you can go online to find books and scripts that are either available for free or for purchase*
    • ​Our team has an account with , which you can use to find pieces. Talk to Coach Nelson-Cain for more information.
    • We also have an extensive movie-script catalogue, however this is by coaches' discretion only. Please see your coach if you would like to do a movie or a TV show piece.

Team writing room meets Thursdays after school in room L137.